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OreSwap Token (OST)

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OreSwap Token (OST) serves as the utility token powering the OreSwap DEX ecosystem, a decentralized exchange platform aimed at providing users worldwide with a secure, transparent, and efficient trading experience. With a focus on DeFi, OST offers staking possibilities with an APY of up to 200%, allowing users to optimize their crypto portfolios.

Token Specifications

– Name: OreSwap Token

– Symbol: OST

– Total Supply: 100,000,000 OST

– Type: ERC-20

– Economic Model: DeFi

– Contract Address: 0xF3CABeb4A292996a451f8094E14F4806d22604d4

Supply Allocation

We will only circulate 10 million OST from quarter 2-4 of 2024 until OST is listed on a CEX exchange in the future. Out of this amount, 9800000 OST will be allocated for Staking rewards, while the remainder will be used for DEX liquidity, tokensale & owned by our community.

– 185,000 OST for TokenSale, Liquidity OST Pair WCORE, USDT and other Token Partner.

– 15,000 OST hold by OST Labs Team.

– 9,800,000 OST for Staking Rewards.

– 90,000,000 OST for Future plan on 2025.

– 20%: Development Reserve Fund

Staking & Rewards

OST holders can leverage the staking feature to earn rewards of up to 100% APY, providing an incentive for holders to retain and utilize OST tokens within the OreSwap ecosystem. Read more About OST Stake


Phase 1 – Launch and Introduction (Q2 2024):

– Launch of OreSwap DEX and OreSwap Token (OST).

– Public sale campaign and start Staking program to distribute 10% of the total OST supply.

– Addition of liquidity to the DEX, including partner token pairs.

Phase 2 – Feature Development (Q3 2024):

– Introduction of staking feature for OST holders, offering up to 100% APY.

– Enhancement of user experience on the OreSwap DEX platform.

Phase 3 – Ecosystem Development (Q4 2024):

– Expansion of the ecosystem by introducing more token pairs.

– Improvement of security and privacy through the introduction of new technologies.

– Collaboration with other DeFi projects to enhance interoperability.

Phase 4 – Growth and Sustainability (2025 and beyond):

– Enhancement of staking and reward functions to maintain ecosystem attractiveness.

– Expansion into global markets and implementation of effective marketing strategies.

– Ongoing research and development to keep OreSwap at the forefront of DeFi innovation.


OreSwap Token (OST) offers a robust solution to facilitate secure and efficient crypto trading through the OreSwap DEX. By leveraging enticing staking and reward features, we are committed to building a strong and sustainable ecosystem that adds value to our users and token holders.


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